Wheel Of Fortune Sweepstakes


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  • The Sweepstakes was an 1853 clipper ship in the California trade. She was known for a record passage from New York to Bombay, and for a race around the Horn with three other clippers.
  • A race on which money is bet in this way
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wheel of fortune sweepstakes

wheel of fortune sweepstakes – You are

You are a Winner! Easy 1,2,3 Sweepstakes and Contests "True Confessions and Inside Secrets of an Admitted Sweep-a-holic" (Easy Sweeps and Contests)
You are a Winner! Easy 1,2,3 Sweepstakes and Contests "True Confessions and Inside Secrets of an Admitted Sweep-a-holic" (Easy Sweeps and Contests)
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The shipwreck Sweepstakes seen from the Blue Heron V in Big Tub Harbor, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.

Sweepstakes hold

Sweepstakes hold
The wreck of the schooner Sweepstakes. Big Tub Harbour, Tobermory, Ontario.